Episode 1 – The Monsoon theme- Photo Blog

The Beautiful Monsoon…..

I have heard a saying that ” When you have something you may not understand the value of it”, but yes this is true in my case. I live in such a picturesque location in one of the beautiful place on planet, the “Gods Own Country”. But i hardly noticed the beauty of my surroundings when i was growing up. But looking through the lens gives you a complete different perspective of what you see without a lens. 

Especially monsoon season is a treat to watch with the dark clouds lowering themselves to rest on the mountains, and moving away to show their fury elsewhere. The surroundings changes with the rain which brings the nature to show its the real color literally. 
The monsoon clouds kissing the mountains..
The first tender green grass of Monsoon..
Its raining, can you see??…..
This was a treat to watch, the ducks strolling through the waters on the field
Sun is trying so hard to pierce the fiery clouds carrying the rains.
Colors of the sky during Monsoon.. this is just magical…
The refreshing experience of the first rain of monsoon

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