Episode 2 – Photo Blog- Theme Nature

We say god created the universe, life, planets but astrophysicist says it’s the Big Bang that created all that we see. But chuck all that whether god has created this world or Big Bang explosion, the outcome is really extra ordinary and unbelievable.
 Look around and experience the beauty of nature, many great writers, poets have tried in very impeccable ways to express it in their writings but yet we are aware no words can explain it than seeing it for your self.
What am I going to do here is to put the nature in front of you the way I saw through my lenses. This is my effort to capture the essence of nature the best way I could. But this is not the end, but just the beginning, am just going all out with my cam to capture what I see and put them in front of you whenever possible.
An early moon appearance of the moon which looks down with expectations
Just before the rain a rare view Rainbow
A very pleasant view of the southern ghats with Palm trees looking at it
A view of Ooty from the sky
Someone is there hiding behind those clouds
Horse shoes in the sky with an illumination effect by the hiding sun
A typical and beautiful sunset leaving the day behind
The beauty of half moon 
 Such beauty is the calm nature, but at the same time we are definitely not doing so great in treating the nature the way it is expecting us to be treated. As we see the fury of nature when it really wanna payback for all bad we commit towards nature. Lets try to save every natural resources that we can to make this world a better world to live for those who come after us. 

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