Winter with Snow!!!

Winter can be very challenging, beautiful and terrifying sometimes.When the snow fall begins its a treat to watch and feel the snow in your hands, and growing that cold inside you.

Its a great time of the year to get together to have a conversation with friends and family. A hot cup of soup or a steaming coffee would set the tone for sure.

The white blanket that comes to cover the earth with winter can be very rewarding to your eyes. It gives nature so many different shades, you can see them only in this time of the year

Though winter and snowy days can make life a bit difficult, but those who can see the beauty of Winter snow can really spot the magnificent view that can be really soothing to your eyes and senses.

I walked out in the snow storm to see if i can capture some of those beautiful images nature can offer me at this time of the year. Its very cold and sub zero temperatures through out the day and night, but these images in your neighborhood are not something you get see so often.

All these pictures are taken using Samsung Galaxy S7 camera. Taking a SLR camera out in such heavy snow don’t give me the flexibility to capture images of such kind.

Would you please care to point out your favorite picture in your comments-


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4 thoughts on “Winter with Snow!!!

  1. Awesome comparison of ‘blanket that comes to cover the earth’. My favourites are the one bench in the white blanket and the 3 trees posing close for your picture. Good work Bond ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very nice post. Beautiful photos. Fascinating to watch the trees take on a different character each season. I think my favorite photo is of the bench.

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